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Essential items of a men’s wardrobe.

Dressing doesnt have to be impressive and stunning. All men need is several essential items which will be waiting to be taken out of a wardrobe despite of the season. Here is the list of the main things which we believe could realy make the foundation of your dress code.

Button down shirt

Might seem as the most common item but this wardrobe necessity works for almost every situation. Either you attend a business meeting or have fun with friends in a bar it will never let you down.

Crew neck sweater

In the case of the crew neck sweater there is one unbreakable truth – it is perfectly suitable with a button down shirt. Dont hesitate to wear it alone, it looks not less outstanding and pithy.

Henley shirt

Henley shirt gives the comfort of a usual t-shirt, but in the same time lasts  more more as a handy thing.


The perfect match with a shirt. Just layer it over and enjoy your day.

Basic jeans

One of the most valuable items in any wordrobe. There are plenty of types so try each of them to look more put-together.

Trendy sneakers

These shoes are very comfortable and look polished with jeans.


“Small cherry on the top of the pie” of a casual outfit.

It is the time to check you closet and prepare to buy some missing stuff. If you think that this list is not completed, check one of the main magazines about fashion.


Manbag styles. What is in trend?

There are several ordinary types of manbags  which are widely used in everyday life. Here is a small guide which will help you to get informed about them and finally let you to make your choice. We defined five main styles:

The Funny Pack

The Funny Pack – is a small fabric purse secured with a fastener and worn by use of a strap usually around the hips. Price varies from 10$ to 500$ depending on a brand.

That is true that during the last ten years the Funny pack has been put out of fashion but you can make the difference by wearing a leather funny pack strapped slightly over skinny jeans and casual shirt.


The Backpack

Today the backpack is the most trendy bag. It has many forms. In its simplest one, cloth sac carried on one’s back and ensured with  straps that go over the shoulders. Also, there could be exeptions. Light versions of backpacks are worn on one shoulder strap. In bouth ways try to wear both straps keeping them long and loose.


The briefcase

This type of bag is likely to be professional then casual.But even to go to work, you don’t have to be classic  and you can choose an uncommon model as the briefcase(s) shown below. Usually people use it to transfer their workpapers from office to home in order to keep them safe and secure. It doesnt mean that a person carring a briefcase on a street doesn’t give an impression of a hoodlum with bunch of money inside of  it. It is common to hold it firmly in one hand, paired with a smart suit. When you’re not carrying it, make sure it’s sitting on its bottom rather than lying on its side.

images (1)

The satchel

The Satchels are worn with a shoulder-strap. It diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip. This type of bag has been highly associated with schoolchildren but now it became a practical and fashionable bag  for adults and young  men. It made a long way to be that popular. Satchels have firstly been mentioned in a time of the Roman Empire as part of a warrior’s ammunition.  Nowadays people wear it by hunging over one shoulder


The holdall

The holdall is a big bag with at least two handles. Used as a perfect match for weekends away from a city as well as for carrying your sport clothes around. It can be worn by holding it in one or two hands depending on how many things are inside.


Whatever bag you choose always remember about old axiom. A new dress should perfectly fit your outfit. Especially, if you have a special shirt or shoes which directly came out of another style.